Who I am...?

Fashion designer Iwakki My name is Eva Kolodziejczyk.
I've born in Poland.

When I was 14, my sewing passion began.
My mom, who is a dressmaker showed me
how to do it. Under her supervision,
I started to sew.

I decided to develop my hobby in Technical Sewing College in Wroclaw (Poland).
I graduated in 2002 and got a technical degree in the field of sewing.

In 2012 my Polish degree has been accepted by Dutch authorities (Minister of Education).

I have gained my experiance while working in
a sewing company for 3 years. After that,
I decided to start up working on my own.

The most important thing for me is to do my job as good as I can. I am not scared of new challenges. I always believe in myself and my skills which help me in achieving the final goal.