Clothing the Middle Ages




    Doublet (clothing):

    A doublet is a man's snug-fitting buttoned jacket that is shaped and
    fitted to the man's body which was worn in Western Europe from
    the Middle Ages through to the mid-17th century.

    Dublet Dublet / Spodnie


    A gambeson is a padded defensive jacket, worn as armour separately,
    or combined with mail or plate armour.
    Gambeson were produced with a sewing technique called quilting.
    Usually constructed of linen or wool, the stuffing varied, and could be for example scrap cloth.

    Men's shirt Middle Ages:


    The dress the Middle Ages:

    The medieval lady wore clothes made of fine silk, wool or fur.
    They were more colourful than the clothes of the poorer people.
    In the winter she often wore a fur coat or a cape.
    dress dressdress

    The dress the Middle Ages:

    Poor women often wore long dresses made of wool.
    The colours were very dark - brown or grey.

    Medieval underwear:

    The medieval underwear was to isolate the body from the outer woollen clothes.
    Usually it was made of linen, for wealthier users of silk,
    and in the late part of the Middle Ages of cotton.

    The hood in the Middle Ages:

    Headwear is a necessary element of dress in medieval.

    Hood Hood